Talus Cotton Towel

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This towel is printed with our Talus pattern. Each pattern is first painted onto paper so you can see the texture of each bold swipe. Towel will soften with wear and is highly absorbent and looks great on any table.


-Manually screen printed in black, water based inks. Solvent free. -Natural 100% cotton, gets softer with each use/wash. Pre-washed/shrunk. -Measures approx 19"x26" -Bronze thread stitching around edges -Set of two napkins -Includes on of our favorite recipes!


Can be machine washed but for best results/ink longevity wash by hand or wash in a pillow case inside washer to avoid abrasion. Tumble dry or lay flat. Iron if needed.


The form collection is the manifestation of internal and external landscape. It is the act or process of being formed. Emergence, resilience and alignment within ourselves and our surroundings. Heavily inspired by the landscapes I've experienced, each pattern takes the name of a physical geological formation or part of the formation's process

Talus: An accumulation of angular rock debris at the base of a cliff or steep slope that was produced by physical weathering.

Out of Stock